Link & Learn: What You Should Know

  1. Vermonters for a Clean Environment (VCE)
  2. Visit Green Berkshires:  Advocates For Our Berkshire Environment
  3. MUST READ! Wind salesmens’ talking points & the facts that refute them
  4. Granville, MA Wind Turbine Website:
  5. Integrating Wind Power: Wind Fails in Two Important Performance Measures
  6. Response to “Wind Turbine Syndrome” prepared by Epsilon Associates (the Massachusetts company hired by the CT Siting Council to review the Prospect application). Epsilon prepared it for a company with turbines in Illinois, and they dispute Nina Pierpont’s book on wind turbine syndrome. They do agree with her statement that she hopes that developers would accept noise level criteria recommended by such agencies as the World Health Organization. Based on Epsilon’s review of various publications, they conclude “there are no health effects, disturbance, or moderately perceptible vibrations expected due to infrasound or low frequency sound from GE 1.5sle or GE 1.5xle wind farms at 1000 feet.”   This could be used as the basis for a setback for those GE models. I’ll keep looking for something on the 1.6MW models proposed by BNE.
  7. Form letter: suggested letter format to use if you would like to ask the CT Siting Council for a limited appearance to speak at a public hearing, should they decide to hold one. You need to add your personal details and any specific concerns you may have
  8. Making the case against the turbine
  9. Proposed-order-would-keep-wind-turbines-away-from-homes/
  10. The Wind Subsidy Bubble
  11. Click to view/print Moratorium
  12. Petition
  13. Scale drawing of a wind turbine
  14. Letter from Attorney General Richard Blumenthal
  15. Wind Power Protests in Prospect