Maine Wind Sites Production for entire year 2012

Folks, this is the wind industry’s miserable track record of production in Maine. It is their own data. They cannot hide from this failure, unless we allow them to do so. Look at those capacity factor numbers for the particular projects and aside from Mars Hill, we can truthfully and forcefully say this unreliable, unpredictable, non-dispatchable source of electricity produces less than 25% of its installed capacity. Make this known to everyone. Challenge wind power supporters with the truth and ask how this can possibly be justified as economic sense?  — Brad Blake,CTFWP co-chair

We have final figures for the major industrial wind sites in Maine for the entire year 2012.  We continue to track what is miserably poor production, with the exception of Mars Hill, the only project in Maine that comes near the output touted by the wind industry.  Wondering why Spruce Mountain Wind in Woodstock does not appear?  We finally have the answer:  projects of 20 MW rating or less are not required to report to FERC.  Aha!  Spruce Mt. is 20 MW and its owner, Patriot Renewables, will not post the data.  Just look at Record Hill and Spruce Mt. is likely to perform similarly.  see article >>

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