“Never reported by the Maine media: Maine’s wind potential is 89% below the national average” on Citizens’ Task Force on Wind Power – Maine

We’re taking a moment here to correct this Saudi Arabia moniker by putting Maine’s wind potential into proper perspective using data from the NREL (National Renewable Energy Lab). Hopefully one day the Maine media will pick up on facts like this. And hopefully, if and when they do, they will not employ the oft used “Anti-wind activists say that wind industry claims are false”, but rather use a more accurate headline such as “NREL data proves wind industry claims in Maine are false”.
A copy of our simple Excel analysis can be downloaded here: KW%20per%20Sq%20Mile.xls
It took all of about 45 minutes to complete this simple analysis. These figures have been there all along, had anyone spent any time doing a little bit of research. The media have been repeating wind industry propaganda for years and have not once scratched below the surface of slick wind industry propaganda to report on exactly how poor Maine’s onshore wind “resource” is.
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