Press conference Today, February 3rd at 2:00 PM

For Immediate Release. February 2, 2011 3:30 PM

Save Prospect Corp. and FairWindCT, two community groups representing the residents of Prospect and Colebrook respectively, are holding a press conference tomorrow, Thursday, February 3rd at 2:00 PM in the Legislative Office Building in Hartford. The press conference precedes the Energy and Technology Committee meeting to be held in Hearing Room #1E. The E&T Committee will hear public comment on HB 6249, a bill which would establish a moratorium on wind power development to allow for the creation of regulations.

Residents of Prospect and Colebrook are facing the possibility that eight 492-foot tall industrial wind turbines will be erected in residential areas in the two towns.  BNE Energy, Inc. of West Hartford has three petitions filed with the Connecticut Siting Council proposing development of these turbines (refer to petitions #980, 983, and 984 on the Siting Council website –  As then Attorney General Richard Blumenthal stated on January 3rd, “it is as if we are operating in a state of lawlessness”, in that there are no regulations governing the development and operation of industrial wind turbines.

SPC and FWC members and representatives will present the committee members with a broadly based, but detail laden testimony outlining the rationale for a moratorium and the need for regulations to guarantee the protection of resident’s safety, health and well-being, property value, and the quality of life they have come to enjoy.

In addition, all committee members and the full legislature will receive a copy of a video from the two groups which illustrates the need for government action.  Copies will be made available to the press  assembled and other elected and appointed officials, both state and national.

For questions about the press conference please contact Tim Reilly, President of Save Prospect Corp at 203-232-0725.

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